Jerred O.

"I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking to better themselves, at any fitness level"

Jerred O.

I successfully completed the body fat 6 week challenge. I started the program at 194lbs and ended the program at 184lbs and 9.6% body fat. I joined the program to primarily become more knowledgeable about proper form and technique of different lift Olympic lifts and other movements. I received more than what I came for, learning about the nutrition aspect of fitness as well.

Over all,
– The facility works hard to develop a welcoming and encouraging environment. Trying to achieve a second family atmosphere. Everyone was welcome, no matter their fitness level.
– The staff were very helpful throughout the whole program. They were always available to answer any questions about nutrition or lifting and movement technique.
– The different lifts and movements in the WODs are broken down so that everyone can learn them. Multiple modifications were provided for those with different mobility needs. It is not a gym that says, put these extremely heavy weights on and attempt to do complicated movements. If they seen you did not have the movements down for the lifts, the staff would tell you to go down in weight or provide you with an alternate exercise. The focus was on learning correct form/technique to gain strength/mobility and prevent injury, not ego.
– The daily WOD schedule is convenient for everyone to be able to attend.

**I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking to better themselves, at any level of fitness.

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