Coaching for Lives Improved by Fitness Education

We hope you enjoy listening as much as we do creating. As coaches, we are pumped to deliver quality health and fitness information and conversation to the community.

Coaching 4 Lives Improved through Fitness Education

Welcome to C4 Life

Welcome to the C4 L.I.F.E or Coaching For Lives Improved through Fitness Education. Coach Elliott and Coach Jac introduce themselves and talk about their backgrounds and what led them to start this podcast. Their mission is to rid the world of chronic disease, chronic pain and inform people that everyone can find a fitness/health routine that works for them no matter what you have going on!

This podcast is meant for anyone who wants to learn about all fitness and health-related things. It will have a different subject every episode from every type of exercise, diets and mindset subjects.

We hope you love it as much as we loved recording!


How to find the perfect gym/trainer

If you’ve ever had to search for a new gym this episode is for you. We go over what to look for in a quality gym and trainer whether you’re new to the area, new to working out, or just looking to switch things up.

Listen to Episode 2 Here!


The Mindset to Stay FIT 4 LIFE

We sit down with Jordan Taylor and talk about her incredible transformation. Need some motivation or just a reset? Give this episode a listen and see how controlling your mindset can play a huge role in a healthy lifestyle and your success.

Listen to Episode 3 Here!


Crushing Plateaus, Having all the Energy, and Not Starving Yourself

We had the absolute pleasure of talking to the amazing Paola Dunaway who founded the Lean Body Design Method. Her story is inspiring and one we know a lot of people will instantly relate to.

If anything on this list describes you, then this is a episode is a must-listen:
1. You are plateauing in the gym
2. You eat “healthy” and are not seeing results
3. Do not know how to eat right
4. You suffer from lack of energy, sex drive, can’t sleep at night, or are chronically stressed
5. You are a person👈🏼

Listen to Episode 4 Here!



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